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I am an amateur photographer who loves to click just anything that catches my attention....All the photos in this blog are my own unless otherwise specified..Photo critics are welcome, I just want to get better...
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Thank You time!!

"Hi" to all my new and old tumblr friends!!

I’m loving everything about photography and the support here on tumblr.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring with your beautiful work and also supporting each other..:)

I may not be technically perfect at all but, the reblogs and likes make me feel there is something right in that photoand trying to get better…I’m never completely satisfied with the outcome, but thank you to you all  for  showing which one is better..

Special thanks to the reblogging tumblr sites,

Photos Worth Seeing(PWS), amomentofbeauty, beautifullyframed, inspiringbitsandpieces, alienwitchlilyx2 and  sorry if I missed any….

Happy Shooting!!